Canal Tours business profile

Phone numbers:

0663200874 –  0663201783

Website address:

Company status:

  • Ministry of the public business sector
  • Holding company for land and maritime transport
  • Canal shipping agency

Contact information:

Address :26 palestine street,portsaid

Tel: 0663200874

Email: Cairo offices

*A tourism company to authorize the practice of all tourism related activities stipulated in article (1)of law no.38 of 1977

Policy :
  • Customer satisfaction is our goal
  • All money paid by the customer is refunded immediately if there is an emergency event (the customer’s money is completely safe)
  • Certificate of accreditation *IATA*
  • International air transport association


  1. organize trips for groups or individuals inbounds Egypt or outbound according to predetermined programs ,in addition to performing all tourism related activities including providing transportation, accommodation and other related services
  2. issuing and selling travel tickets. Facilitating the transport of luggage, booking places on different means of transportation ,as well as acting as agent for aviation, navigation and other transportation companies
  3. operating means of transportation (land-sea-air-river)for tourist transport
  4. organizing hajj and umrah trips
  5. obtaining visas to countries of the world
  6. Agent for the arab bridge navigation company (for ticketing nuweiba aquba vessels /sharm /hurghada vessel and vice versa


  • The customer treated well
  • We explain everything on the customer’s mind
  • Respond to all  inquiries
  • We work on his comfort and his feeling that he is in his second home
  • We work under stress

Vision (what we want to be:)

  • Work at the customer’s convenience
  • Trust and safety is the most important thing in our dealings


  • We have more than fifty years of experience in all fields of tourism

(Bus reservation –Airline tickets-Nuweiba Aqaba tickets-Hajj and Umrah –visa issuance)

Values :
  • Safety in treatment
  • Customer comfort is our most important goal