Legal Sector

  • Marine insurance
  • Settlement of Marine General Average & Collision
  • Legal Procedures at all Different stages:(court of first instance , appeal , court of cassation) also against legal Egyptian arbitration center- against specialist parties concerned with investigating legal claims such as experts offices headed by ministry of justice etc….
  • Legal sector handling full and complete services ( local & international) in respect of:
Specialist legal consultants.
  • Dealing with ship owners-characters – p & I club ,marine insurance – petroleum companies and both of personnel & multinational Companies in the Field of Commercial Scope.
  • Legal sector also effecting all claims , Disputes and Procedures with concerned parties such as:(Suez canal authority – Customs – Egyptian

port authorities – investment association – authority of safety maritime etc)    (Different Governmental Parties also Handling all Notary Public Procedures & Registration.)

ACTIVITIES Rendered by Legal sector:

Handling Legal cases also Maritime & Commercial claims of all subjects. Investigating Collision Accidents – sunken , salvage & towage Disputes also Environment Pollution and full loss of Vessels. Time Characters contracts – claims of purchasing , sale and lien of vessels. Marine insurance subjects and causes related to Maritime Transport of cargoes. Claims Related to injured crew and indemnity claimed of death during marine voyages.  Cargo international sales contracts and handling of commercial credit Documents & customs fines.  Handling Different kinds of claims (civil & criminal)  Effecting notary Public (Endorsement & Registration) Procedures of sea Protests and all Different Papers & Documents.

Legal sector L

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