Canal Shipping Agencies Co.

Canal Shipping Agencies Co. is an Egyptian joint stock company that was established on July 1, 1965 according to the decision of Mr. / Chairman of the Suez Canal Authority No. 13 of 1965 (under establishment) and was established according to Minister of Maritime Transport Decree No. 143 of 1976 in Port Said Governorate. The company carries out the work of the marine agency (ship keeper / secretary) Cargo), to carry out tourism and excursions, customs clearance and cargo handling, to carry out maritime and land transport work inside and outside the country, owning, leasing and chartering ships, carriers, floating missions and all means of transportation, as well as providing all transportation services for goods and people.

It is one of the companies of the business sector for evil The Holding Company for Maritime and Land Transport of the Ministry is the Public Business Sector. It carries out the activities of the shipping agency on ships transiting the Suez Canal, Port Said Ports, Red Sea, Al-Arish and Damietta, which is a service activity represented in carrying out paper procedures with the sovereign authorities in the Egyptian ports.