Why Canal Shipping Agencies Company?

  •  Our company is a leader company since 1965 and is one of the first companies to establish such businesses in Egypt and the Middle East.
  • We work with the same efficiency with free competition with the private sector since 1998, with our own capabilities that ensure continuity and development in our field and in a manner consistent with current and future data.
  • We as a public business sector company, the state owns more than 90% of its shares, and we have confidence, credibility and strong communication with the authorities at the highest levels, which overcomes all routine difficulties and reduces risks in business to the lowest levels. .
  • We guarantee the full security and confidentiality of your transactions and financial balances.
  • We have huge financial capabilities that enable us to cover any volume of business entrusted to us while providing all facilities. We also have qualified and legal workers to guarantee the rights of our clients.