Sailors and parcels services

crew activities ” Husbandry Services” canal shipping agencies co., under takes plenty of formal measures and legal formalities with the local authorities in port so as to facilitate signing on-off crew. the services are carefully given to crew from vessel to home transport crews from vessel to customs house and then to Cairo airport in our luxurious buses. accommodate crew in our splendid hotels booking air tickets as we are IATA member. give crew all sorts of medical care before during and after signing on-off according to owners instructions. services the arrivals crew through our Cairo shipping agency. accomplish and to finalize everywhere guarantee security of crew’s lives during their moves.

  • Competitive rates for crew change.
  • Facilitation of all formalities at Cairo Airport to ensure

quick and smooth clearance.

  • Visa Issuance.
  • Transfer all crewmembers by air-conditioned, comfortable

and safe vehicles.

  • Professional transfer guides, capable of arranging smooth formalities at airport and solving any problem that may occur.
  • Arrange Hotel accommodation at the most convenient hotels in Cairo, Port Said,

Suez or any other port in Egypt at the best rates.

  • Arrange medical care for crew members, if needed.
  • Organizing quick tours for Crew members to Pyramids, Cairo Museum or any other site in case requested during vessel waiting convoy.

Cargo Handling Services

complete handling of transit cargoes including customs clearance, transshipment operations. carrying out all formalities in respect of cargo (customs, sanitary ,veterinary etc..) organized and control of cargo handling at all of the Egyptian ports. protecting the interests of customers in port. reception the cargo, checking the quantities and quality, analyzing and testing the cargo by the independent surveyors. knowledge of customs regulations, requirements and procedures in details. easy handling of most complicated shipments with utmost care. all other kind of services subject to special agreement warehousing services. canal shipping agencies co., own seven warehousing situated close to Suez canal area and eastern port said port which makes these seven stores ideal for dealing with all stores of cargoes especially the transshipment and entitled to help make door to door services at a very low rates.


  • Offers very competitive rates for Spare Parts Clearance and for the dispatch of parcels form/to vessels. • Transfer all Parcels from Cairo Airport to “Port Said / Suez “or any other port by safe vehicles and professional drivers. • In House professional clearance Specialists at Cairo Airport able to expedite formalities and ensuring safe handling of all kind of parcels at Cairo airport.