Canal Shipping Agencies co is considered  to be the pioneer of shipping companies.We play the role of the authorized shipping agent to finish all procedures related to the vessel inside the Egyptian ports

Suez Canal Transit Services

our main object is to arrange a smooth Suez canal transit with minimum fees and expenses. keep our clients aware of update with Suez canal circulars or rules of navigations. Online calculation of Suez canal dues through our web site. accurate D/A estimation prior to vessel’s transit. arranging for vessel transiting by informing all concerning authorities. final statement of account to be dispatched to our clients immediately

Marine Services

Supply of provisions , deck engine, saloon stores
ships spare, electronic items , fresh water and bunkers etc…
supply of life rafts(any brand) and fire extinguishers
we are always ready to submit our quotations at very competitive prices with highly qualities

Bunker supply

Egypt is an ideal bunkering location thanks to the geographically position

in the Mediterranean where no deviation is required from major shipping

routes in this area, Supplies are offered both offshore and within Egypt’s

major ports. We can supply all grades of fuel oil together with gas oil.